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Enhance your business processes with highly accurate location information for various map-oriented applications including listing portals, research tools, business intelligence mapping, public safety, and demographic applications. ATTOM has the most extensive boundary data for more than 155 million properties nationwide with flexible delivery solutions, such as APIs, bulk files, match & append, and more.

Types of Boundaries

Properties are defined by a parcel boundary that establishes its location and dimensions. We may choose to group properties at various levels based on commonly accepted geographic areas such as states, counties, and neighborhoods. Our analysis of properties may include the addition of data that is specific to a geographic area. The following are some of the different geographic areas (boundaries) available within ATTOM Cloud

Boundary Data

Profile: For each boundary such as a county or school district, we may have profile data that defines various characteristics of that area. Within ATTOM Cloud, these are usually represented by dimension tables such as DimCounty, DimPlace, DimSchoolDistrict.

Shape: A geographic area is usually defined as a collection of one or more shapes consisting of interconnected coordinates. These can be defined using two-dimensional or 3-dimensional coordinate systems. These shape definitions can be used to visually represent the geographic area as well as provide the basis to establish which points fall within the area, or which other geographic areas overlap. e.g. which zip codes fall within the boundaries of a county. A planned enhancement to ATTOM Cloud will make these shape files available. Boundaries are available via ATTOM API and bulk file delivery.

Property To Boundary: Lookup data used to establish which geographic areas are associated with a property. ATTOM Cloud provides several options for property matching. The PropertyGeodata table contains geocodes for commonly used geographic areas. PropertyBoundaryMatch provides a more comprehensive lookup matching properties to many geographic areas. PropertySchoolMatch is used to match properties to schools based on school district assigned attendance zones and by specific grades.


The following are the Boundary datasets. These datasets can be purchased individually for any combination of geographies such as state or county. The datasets have also been combined with other data into solution packs.

Census Block

The smallest geographic unit used by the US Census Bureau for publishing census and other demographic/economic data. Each census block is bounded by visible features such as streets, roads, rivers, and railroad tracks along with nonvisible boundaries such as property lines, cities and townships, school districts, and counties.

Geo ID 17206803 : afc872d52f0b435fcf0dabe5f8d2f045
Block Code 320030054.364004
Land Area (sq. miles) 0.0185
Water Area (sq. miles) 0
Total Area (sq. miles) 0.0185
Longitude -115.014168
Latitude 36.07844

Census Block Group

A geographic unit used by the US Census Bureau for publishing census and other demographic/economic data. It consists of a cluster of blocks within the same census tract. Each census block group is usually a contiguous area and never crosses tract, county, or state boundaries.

Geo ID 117267 : e09d48eff95c5e4690b91015850c8f8b
Block Group 320030054.364
Land Area (sq. miles) 0.131
Water Area (sq. miles) 0
Total Area (sq. miles) 0.131
Longitude -115.016118
Latitude 36.077778

Census Tract

A geographic unit used by the US Census Bureau for publishing census and other demographic/economic data. They are small, relatively permanent subdivisions of a county. Census tracts generally have a population between 1,200 and 8,000 people. The boundaries are chosen with the intention of being maintained over a long period of time to assist with the analysis of statistical trends.

Geo ID 40069 : 74be23c8d613f4564d7071ab5049a83f
Tract 320030054.36
Land Area (sq. miles) 6.537
Water Area (sq. miles) 0
Total Area (sq. miles) 6.537
Longitude -114.980391
Latitude 36.073141

Congressional District

Political boundaries are used in federal elections for the selection of congressional representatives. There are a total of 435 congressional districts divided amongst the states based on decennial census populations. Each state is guaranteed to have at least one congressional district. Each state legislature has the authority to determine how its state is to be broken into congressional districts. 

Geo ID 35,101 : 872848c08b958785b0cd63cdf0ffbd5c
Name Congressional District 3
Label NV Congressional District 3
Land Area (sq. miles) 2,848
Water Area (sq. miles) 40
Total Area (sq. miles) 2,888
Longitude -115.025122
Latitude 35.611247


A county is the largest territorial division for local government in the US. There are a total of 3,144 counties. in the US

Geo ID 35844 : baa5d7de09afdefd0ffcd66b581991de
Name Orange
FIPS Code 06059
State CA - California
CSA 348 - Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA

FEMA Flood

As part of the National Flood Insurance Program, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) publish information about flood risk by dissecting the US into 72,000 areas. These are known as FIRM Panels and FIRMettes - Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM). Each FIRM Panel identifies areas (flood zones) in which there is a specific risk of flooding.

Geo ID 1 : 2d81e65ac27b6aa833d5f5d1d8f14154
FIRM Panel 42081C
Zone Type X
Description Areas identified in a community's FIS as areas of moderate or minimal hazard from the principal source of flood in the area.  However, buildings in these zones could be flooded by severe, concentrated rainfall coupled with inadequate local drainage systems.  Local stormwater drainage systems are not normally considered in a community's FIS.  The failure of a local drainage system creates areas of high flood risk within these rate zones.  Flood insurance is available in participating communities but is not required by regulation in these zones.0

Parcel Boundary

A property can be thought of in two ways. A single point is defined by a longitude and latitude that represents the centroid of the property, or by a boundary that defines the outer perimeter of the property. Parcel maps define the official boundaries for each property within a county to ensure there are no disputes over ownership of the land contained within.


Census places are geographical areas defined by the US Census Bureau that include both Incorporated Places and Census Designated Places (CDPs). Incorporated Places are legally bounded entities established by the government in each state, including cities, towns, villages, and boroughs. CDPs are statistical entities defined in the absence of Incorporated Places as a way of accumulating data in areas with settled populations.

Geo ID 1802 : 2f5090ffe082453a270e083c992236c6
Name Irvine city
Label Irvine, County, CA
FIPS Code 36770 (Orange)
Type Incorporated place
Land Area (sq. miles) 65.64
Water Area (sq. miles) 0.31
Total Area (sq. miles) 65.94
Longitude (Downtown) -117.82311
Latitude (Downtown) 33.66946
Longitude -117.770151
Latitude 33.68655

Postal City

A Postal City is the name of the town or city having a central post office responsible for the delivery of mail to its residents. This may not be the name that residents consider themselves to reside in.

Geo ID 138626 : 4a4304a82a1196e2093b75002bb2ab3e
Name Irvine
Label Irvine, CA
Residents 97,536
Multi Family Delivery Units 32,183
Single Family Delivery Units 64,516
PO Box 837
Businesses 9,527
Area (sq. miles) 76

Residential Neighborhoods

Residential neighborhoods are geographical areas considered to have similarities in their demographics and housing. Other factors influencing the definition of neighborhoods include local government planning, law enforcement, and transportation. Their use is not consistent across counties. Up to three levels of a neighborhood can be defined. These levels can be identified by the geography type key assigned.

Geo ID 42,63365 : 0269069ca0c50e87ea417470c14ee63f
Name Cypress Village
Label  Cypress Village, Irvine, Orange County, CA
Functional Type Mixed-Use : Planned Community
Area (sq. miles) 1.14
Longitude -117.754179
Latitude 33.683861

School Attendance Area

A school attendance area is a reference to a boundary defining the properties zoned to attend a specific school. The attendance area will vary by grade to reflect the different types of schools servicing the neighborhood.

Geo ID 100305 : 8155ba197dc7ba00d094b856e4c2f514
School 151350 - Jeffrey Trail Middle School
School District 2199 (Irvine Unified School District)
Instructional Level Middle
Grade Span Low 7
Grade Span High 8
Elementary School No
Middle School Yes
High School No
Grade 7

School District

US schools are usually grouped into school districts responsible for administering those schools. Some school districts may be responsible for all K12 schools in an area, while others may only administer schools of a specific level (e.g. high schools). This dataset provides a summary for each of those school districts. This dataset provides the mechanisms to establish the relationships between individual properties and a school district

Geo ID 2199 : 6e42512882c957ae6383fe48e2b71227
Name Irvine Unified School District
Address 5050 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine CA 92604
Level Unified
Schools 43
Teachers 1,379.9
Students 35,660
Total Revenue $508,471,000
Total Expenditure $541,186,000
Rating A+


Each county can consist of one or more county subdivisions. These can be either Minor Civil Divisions (MCDs) or Census County Divisions (MCDs). A county cannot have both. An MCD has legal boundaries and names as well as a government or administrative purpose defined by State law. CCDs are statistical entities established cooperatively by the US Census Bureau and State/local government.

Geo ID 1971 : 4a459759789142394210b5b53aff3646
Name Irvine-Lake Forest
Label Irvine-Lake Forest CCD, Orange County, CA
FIPS Code 91413 (Orange)
Type CCD - Statistical entity
Land Area (sq. miles) 74.99
Water Area (sq. miles) 0.27
Total Area (sq. miles) 75.26
Longitude -117.720976
Latitude 33.703674

Zip Code

Zip codes were developed by USPS as a way to assist in the processing and delivery of mail. Each USPS delivery point is assigned to one of ~33,000 5-digit zip codes.

Geo ID 19544
Zip Code 89011
Name Henderson
Postal City 153107 - Henderson
Residents 9,776
Multi-Family Delivery Units 1,457
Single-Family Delivery Units 8,319
PO Box 0
Businesses 618
Area (sq. miles) 28.16
Longitude -114.940204
Latitude 36.115266

Zip Code Tabulation Area

Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) are a representation of the USPS Zip Codes defined by the US Census Bureau. They are formulated by looking at all the Census Blocks that are associated with a Zip Code. Where a Census Block spans multiple Zip Codes, it is assigned to the ZCTA having the most addresses.

Geo ID 29855 : ce61c9d2a6e0aaae7080aae0b4eff53c
ZCTA 89011
Functional Status S - Statistical entity
Land Area (sq. miles) 16.50
Water Area (sq. miles) 0.44
Total Area (sq. miles) 16.94
Longitude -114.975396
Latitude 36.081646
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