School District



US schools are usually grouped into school districts responsible for administering those schools. Some school districts may be responsible for all K12 schools in an area, while others may only administer schools of a specific level (e.g. high schools). This dataset provides a summary for each of those school districts. This dataset provides the mechanisms to establish the relationships between individual properties and a school district

Geo ID 2199 : 6e42512882c957ae6383fe48e2b71227
Name Irvine Unified School District
Address 5050 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine CA 92604
Level Unified
Schools 43
Teachers 1,379.9
Students 35,660
Total Revenue $508,471,000
Total Expenditure $541,186,000
Rating A+


Vacant Land in School District

The following code demonstrates how to locate all properties that are vacant land within a specific school district

 * Identify Owners of Residential Vacant Land in a specific school district
Select PF.[ATTOM ID],
 * Property Address Details
	CONCAT(PF.SitusAddress,', ',PF.SitusCity,' ',PF.SitusState,' ',PF.SitusZip) AS Address,
 * Owner details
	CONCAT(RO.TaxBillMailingAddress,', ',RO.TaxBillMailingCity,' ',RO.TaxBillMailingState,' ',RO.TaxBillMailingZip) AS TaxBillAddress
    ADW.DimSchoolDistrict SD -- School District
    Join ADW.PropertyBoundaryMatch PBM On SD.SchoolDistrictKey = PBM.GeographyKey -- Property Boundary Match 
    Join ADW.PropertyFeature PF On PBM.[ATTOM ID] = PF.[ATTOM ID] -- Property Address & Property Characteristics
    Join ADW.REOwnership RO On RO.[ATTOM ID] = PF.[ATTOM ID] -- Current Owner
Where SD.SchoolDistrictKey = 1868 AND 	-- Specific School Diustrict
PBM.GeographyTypeKey = 53 AND 			-- School District
PF.PropertyTypeKey = 301 				-- Residential Vacant Land
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