Details for up to four Home Owner Associations (HOA) for which a property is a member. Each HOA is responsible for setting and enforcing rules for a subdivision, planned community, or condominium building. Anyone who purchases property within an HOA jurisdiction automatically becomes a member and must pay dues known as HOA fees. HOAs often have significant power including the ability to place liens over property and to foreclose on those properties if unpaid fees and/or fines accumulate.

Note: Most properties only have one HOA (if any).

ATTOM ID 145695081
HOA Name Springfield Ranch Community
HOA Address 2569 Saint Rose Pkwy Ste 100, Hendeson NV 89074
HOA Company Krusty Property Management
HOA Contact Ned Flanders
HOA Contact Cell (555) 123-1234
HOA Fee $60 Monthly


Property Portals: Provide details of the HOA(s) to which a property belongs along with details of the fees, which a potential purchaser may be interested in knowing.

Loan Origination: Before lending money to a property owner it is usually worth considering what, if any, money is owed on the property to an HOA or if involuntary liens from the HOA exist on the property.


HOA data is available for delivery in the following delivery formats:

Bulk: HOA
Cloud: HOA



Current HOA details for up to four HOA for each property having an HOA.

Rows: 51 million
Columns: 185
Family: Property

Dimension Tables

The following dimension tables are relevant to Building Permits, providing lookups for various codes contained in the Building Permit tables

DimHOAContactType: Lists the type of entity represented as the contact for an HOA (e.g. Managing Agency, Attorney)

DimHOAFeeFrequency: The frequencies with which HOA fees are charged (e.g. Annually, Monthly)

DimHOAFeeType: A list of possible fee types (e.g. Amenity Fee, Mellos-Roos Community)

DimHOAType: A list of the HOA Types used (e.g. Home Owners Association, Condo Owner Association)

Understanding the Data


There can only be one HOA record for each property. This is represented by the ATTOM ID, a persistent unique key assigned by ATTOM allowing HOA data to be easily matched with other property data.

Product Articles (P-Articles)

All solution packs containing the HOA data element will include the following p-articles to help you understand and use the data: -

  • HOA 101
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