Property Tax



The amount of property tax last assessed on the property, including details about any exemptions granted

Tax Year 2020                                                                                                                                                                  
Property Tax $1,407.27
Homeowner Exemption Yes - $500 
Disabled Exemption No
Senior Exemption No
Veteran Exemption No



This information is sourced exclusively from the Tax Assessor offices of each jurisdiction.


The following tables can be used to access Exemption information. When delivering solutions to customers, some or all of the exemption information found in these tables may be consolidated into one or more views.


Exemption information is found in a single table called PropertyTax

Columns: 18

Dimension Tables

There are no dimension tables associated with Exemption data.

Understanding the Data


There is only one Exemption record for each property. Exemption details can be matched to other Property Data such as Addresses or Property Characteristics based upon the ATTOM ID that is assigned to each Exemption record.


Not all jurisdictions grant exemptions, and the exemptions allowed vary between them. The following are the category of exemptions collected:

  • Additional
  • Disabled
  • HomeOwner
  • Senior
  • Veteran
  • Widow

Product Articles (P-Articles)

All solution packs containing the Exemptions data element will include the following p-articles to help you understand and use the data: -

  • Exemptions 101
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