Details of documents that are officially recorded when a property owner falls behind on their mortgage payments. This will include the initial Notice of Default/Lis Pendens issued in response to non-payment and the Notice of Foreclosure Sale/Notice of Trustee Sale that follows if the borrower fails to reach an agreement with their lender(s).

ATTOM ID 145695081
Recording Date 06/25/2009
Record Type NTS
Original Loan Amount $109,831
Lender Name National Bank of Springfield
Trustee Name Krusty Trustees
Auction Address 100 Springfield Town Square, Henderson NV 89011
Auction Date 4/1/2010
Auction Time 12:30 PM
Recorded Opening Bid $120,500



The rules that must be followed for foreclosures are established by state law and vary by state. These involve making details of a pending foreclosure available to the general public. 

  • Recorded: Applicable notices must be recorded by the county recorder. This information is usually then available electronically.
  • Posted: Applicable notices must be posted in a prominent place such as the local courthouse using a timeline outlined by the state.
  • Published: Applicable notices must be advertised in nominated newspapers using a frequency and timeline outlined by the state.

ATTOM uses a team of aggregators to collect preforeclosure information online, by monitoring newspapers, or by physically visiting places where notices are posted.


Lead Generation: This provides real estate agents with potential opportunities to assist distressed borrowers to sell their homes as a way of dealing with the financial issues they are confronting.

Marketing: For marketers of products and services geared towards distressed borrowers, preforeclosure data can provide a timely way to identify potential customers.

Foreclosure Analysis: Having access to a comprehensive collection of preforeclosure data from across the country is invaluable when undertaking any form of analysis of foreclosure trends.

Property Research: Verify if a homeowner is current in the preforeclosure process for use in situations where this represents either a red flag or an opportunity.

Property Investment: Find motivated property sellers of properties


Preforeclosure data is available for delivery in the following delivery formats:

API: ATTOM API (Premium Property)
Bulk: 5.0 Preforeclosure, 4.0 Combined Preforeclosure
Cloud: Preforeclosure


The following tables can be used to access Preforeclosure information.


A collection of all preforeclosure documents recorded by each County Recorder

Rows: 26 million
Columns: 68
Family: Transaction

Dimension Tables

DimRecordType: The type of preforeclosure document filed - e.g. Notice of Default, Notice of Trustee Sale

ATTOMic P-Articles

All solution packs containing the Preforeclosure data element will include the following p-articles to help you understand and use the data: -

  • Preforeclosure 101
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