Rental AVM



Estimates the likely rental value of a property based upon rental listings in the immediate area for comparable properties. To establish a rental AVM ATTOM must be able to locate sufficient recent rental listings in the immediate area of the property.

ATTOM ID 145695081
Valuation Date 07/25/2022
Estimated Rental Value $2,100
Estimated (Minimum) Rental Value $1,867
Estimated (Maximum) Rental Value $2,462


Property Investors: Property investors will often be looking for properties where the rental value provides a favorable return based upon the estimated purchase price (AVM) for the property

Property Portals: Developers of property portals are always looking for new data they can provide about properties that will bring value to their target audience. The addition of data from a rental AVM can be one of the items needed to complete a property profile.


This Rental AVM is proprietary to ATTOM. It uses some of the same techniques used to establish our own Property AVM with additional insights, that include rental prices recently listed in the immediate area.


The following tables can be used to access Rental AVM information. When delivering solutions to customers, some or all of the Rental AVM information found in these tables may be consolidated into one or more views.


Rental AVM is delivered as a single table containing the current rental value of each property for which a rental AVM can be calculated. At this time ATTOM provides an estimated rental price plus a likely minimum and maximum price.

Rows: 72 million
Columns: 6
Family: Valuation

Dimension Tables

There are no dimension tables needed to support this dataset

API Endpoints

The following ATTOM API endpoints can be used to access data from this dataset

Rental AVM

Rental AVM and basic property information for a specific address


Understanding the Data


Because there is not a universally accepted standard for property identification (like the use of SSN to identify US citizens), properties can be difficult to identify. Alternatives such as APN or street address can change over time and they often lack a consistent way of being formatted. ATTOM addresses this by assigning a single, permanent identifier to each property in the form of a very precise number (integer).

  • Being numbers (integers), ATTOM IDs can be processed very quickly in relational databases, improving the speed with which properties can be identified and matched.
  • An ATTOM ID of 99999999 is assigned for properties that we cannot identify/match

Product Articles (P-Articles)

All solution packs containing the Rental AVM dataset will include the following p-articles to help you understand and use the data: -

  • Rental AVM 101
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