Accurate Adaptive Predictive

        ATTOM includes assessor data for over 155 million properties and their valuations if included by the county record. Also included is recorded data for more than 430 million transactions covering over 3,140 counties. All this nationwide property data feeds our proprietary Loan Model engine, which generates the estimated loan positions, balances, and equity for a property. ATTOM offers the most flexible selection of robust property data and possesses the strongest property valuation data continuity across various delivery platforms.

        Data Elements

        The following are the data elements for property data that are derived from the above tables. These data elements can be purchased individually for any combination of geographies such as state or county. The data elements can also be combined into specific Solution Packs.

        Assessed Values

        The most recent property values as established by the Tax Assessor. This can often consist of an assessed value used in determining property taxes and a separate market valuation.

        ATTOM ID 145695081
        Assessor Year 2022
        Assessed Value $84,762
        Improvement Value $59,912
        Land Value $24,850
        Market Value Year 2022
        Market Value $242,177
        Market Improvement Value $171,177
        Market Land Value $71,000


        An automated valuation model (AVM) is an estimation of a property's value based upon recent sales of similar properties in the area adjusted for known differences between the properties. Good AVMs such as ATTOM's will have error rates in the range of 6-10%.

        ATTOM ID 145695081
        Valuation Date 07/20/2022
        Estimated Value $464,234
        Confidence Score 98
        FSD 2

        AVM History

        Historical records by month of a property's valuation using ATTOM<'s proprietary AVM model.

        ATTOM ID 145695081
        Valuation Date 08/01/2017
        Estimated Value $239,000
        Confidence Score 79
        FSD 15

        Home Equity

        An estimate of the equity an owner may have in the home based upon ATTOM's proprietary valuation of the property (AVM) and projected amortized loan balances

        ATTOM ID 145695081
        Amortization Date 07/09/2022
        1st Position Loan Amount $284,000
        1st Position Amortized Amount $276,819
        LTV 62
        Available Equity $171,002
        Lendable Equity $142,546

        Rental AVM

        Estimates the likely rental value of a property based upon rental listings in the immediate area for comparable properties. To establish a rental AVM ATTOM must be able to locate sufficient recent rental listings in the immediate area of the property.

        ATTOM ID 145695081
        Valuation Date 07/25/2022
        Estimated Rental Value $2,100
        Estimated (Minimum) Rental Value $1,867
        Estimated (Maximum) Rental Value $2,462

        Tax History

        The historical record of the assessed values of properties made by the County Tax Assessor for the purpose of calculating property taxes each year.

        ATTOM ID 145695081
        Tax Year 2013
        Assessed Value $48,399
        Assessed Land Value $8,050
        Assessed Improvement Value $40,349
        Market Value $138,284
        Market Land Value $28,000
        Market Improvement Value $115,284
        Homeowner Exemption $0
        Disabled Exemption $0
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