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The Home Equity a property has in their property can be estimated based on the current valuation of the property and loan balances. ATTOM  has developed a loan model based on its extensive knowledge of property data and the comprehensive portfolio of property data at its disposal to provide.

ATTOM ID 145695081
Amortization Date 07/09/2022
1st Position Loan Amount $284,000
1st Position Amortized Amount $276,819
LTV 62
Available Equity $171,002
Lendable Equity $142,546


Direct Marketing: Generating prospect lists based on the level of home equity held in a property.

Market Analytics: Analysis of equity trends

Property Investment: Identifying properties in which the homeowner might be a motivated seller

Risk Management: FInance and insurance companies can use home equity as a basis to determine a homeowner's position to meet future financial obligations


Home equity is derived based on other information ATTOM collects for Us properties.

Property Valuation: ATTOM's proprietary AVM is used to establish the current value of a property.

Estimated Loan Balance: Recorder data provides details about secured loans. The information provided includes the date of the loan, the original balance, the term, and the interest rate. Using this information we can approximate the loan balance assuming the homeowner has made the required payments on the loan.


The following tables can be used to access Home Equity information. When delivering solutions to customers, some or all of the information found in these tables may be consolidated into one or more views.


Breakdown of the current home equity for 86 million US properties for which ATTOM can collect enough information to provide an estimate of the property's value (AVM).

Rows: 86 million
Columns: 45
Family: Valuation

Dimension Tables

There are no dimension tables associated with Exemption data.

Understanding the Data


ATTOM uses its unique property identifier - ATTOM ID as a way of combining this data with other property data ATTOM makes available. The ATTOM ID can be used to combine the Home Equity data with Address data to get information such as the street address of the property. The ATTOM ID can also be used to combine the Home Equity data with Current Owner data to get information about the current owners of the property.

Home Value

The AVM data used to establish the home equity is not included as part of Home Equity.

Amortized Loan Balance

ATTOM keeps track of up to three individual active loans secured by the property that are deemed to occupy the first, second, and third positions against the property. The loan positions are derived as part of the loan model. Based upon the known characteristics of each loan, ATTOM is able to estimate the amortized loan balance of each loan and from that the total loan balance, including the combined loan to valuation (CLTV).

Home Equity

The estimated home equity for the property is based on the home value (AVM) and estimated amortized loan balance.

Product Articles (P-Articles)

All solution packs containing the Home Equity data element will include the following p-articles to help you understand and use the data: -

  • Home Equity 101
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