Assessed Values



The most recent property values as established by the Tax Assessor. This can often consist of an assessed value used in determining property taxes and a separate market valuation.

ATTOM ID 145695081
Assessor Year 2022
Assessed Value $84,762
Improvement Value $59,912
Land Value $24,850
Market Value Year 2022
Market Value $242,177
Market Improvement Value $171,177
Market Land Value $71,000


Mortgage: As part of risk mitigation, mortgage companies have a need to closely monitor property prices after mortgages and other loans have been provide

Property Analysis: Any analysis based on property values can make use of the assessed values as an indication of property values

Note: Market values sourced from County Tax Assessors are usually considered to be only a rough approximation of a property's value. For applications requiring a more accurate estimate of a property's value, AVM models should be used. See AVM. Property listings can also provide an alternative source of a property's market value.


Many, but not all, counties make assessed values available as public record data that can be collected in the same way as other data published by County Tax Assessor. ATTOM Collects this data and matches it against its property databases, assigning an ATTOM ID which allows our customers to cross-reference this data with other property data. Counties update assessed values at most once per year, with some counties only updating data every 2-3 years.


The following tables can be used to access Assessed Values information. When delivering solutions to customers, some or all of the information found in these tables may be consolidated into one or more views.


The latest known assessed value for each property. Each county has its own timetable as to when it published the assessed values of properties.

Rows: 167 million
Columns: 14
Family: Property
Type: Point

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