When using property data as part of a project it is often necessary to undertake a careful analysis of the data available to identify:

  • What data is available
  • When and how often is the data updated
  • What data is available in specific areas; and
  • How is the data categorized by each local government

What: Data Dictionary

For each dataset, provides a complete list of the fields that are available in each of the tables/views.

For more details, see Data Dictionary

When: Currency

For each dataset, summarizes how often the data is published by each county and the range of dates for which the data is available.

For more details, see Currency

When: History

For each dataset with time-series data (e.g. assessment history, avm history, deed and mortgage), counts of the number of properties/records covered by year and by county.

For more details, see History

When: Update Status

For each table in ATTOM Cloud, details about updates, when they ran, and how many records were added, deleted, or modified.

For more details, see Update Status

Where: Field Population

For each dataset, details about how many properties have (non-null) values in each county

For more details, see Field Population

How: Field Density

For each dataset, some fields can have a finite set of values (enums). A field density report lists the available values of these fields and the number of properties that value in each county.

For more details, see Field Density

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