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A summary of sales statistics in an area by month, quarter, and year. Dissections are also available by property type. These are published for each County, Postal City, Neighborhood, and Zip.

Geo ID 42,63365
Year 2022
Quarter 1
Month N/A
Sales 4
Average Price $1,630,250
Median Price $1,635,500

Note: Sales Trends will be expanded to cover additional geography type: -

  • Census Block Group
  • Congressional District
  • Census Tract
  • Combined Statistical Area (CSA)
  • Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA)
  • Country
  • County Subdivision
  • Neighborhood  (Macro Neighborhood)
  • Neighborhood (Sub-Neighborhood)
  • Neighborhood (Residential Subdivision)
  • Place
  • State
  • Zip Code



The following tables/views can be used to access Sales Trends information. When delivering solutions to customers, some or all of the Sales Trends information found in these tables may be consolidated into one or more views.


Accumulation of home sales statistics for geographic areas (County, Neighborhood, Postal City, and Zip Code)

Rows: 65.6 million
Columns: 13
Family: Transaction
Type: Area
Geo Type Key: 37 - County, 42 - Neighborhood, 46 - Postal City, 51 - Zip Code Tabulation Area


The PropertyBoundaryMatch table can be used to:

  • Identify the geographies for a specific property; and
  • Get a list of the properties that fall within a specific geography
ATTOM ID 145695081 
GeographyTypeKey 33
GeographyKey 17206803
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