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Profile of K12 schools, including location, teacher & student populations, grade levels taught, ethnic mix, and programs taught.

Geo ID 151350 : fe1a19d4feafd2c027d270df05128437
Name Jeffrey Trail Middle School
School District 2199 (Irvine Unified School District)
Address 155 Visions, Irvine CA 92620
Instruction Level Middle
Students 500-749
Student Teacher Ratio 24.41
School Rating A


Analytics: Government policy can often be influenced by careful analysis of school data, including that found in School Profiles.

Property Portals: Many home buyers place high importance on the quality of local schools, making it essential information to include as part of any property portal.


School profiles are typically updated once a year.



Profiles for ~120K K12 schools operating in the US.

Rows: 120k
Columns: 227
Family: Neighborhood

Dimension Tables

The following dimension tables are relevant to School Profiles, providing lookups for various codes contained in the School Profiles tables

DimDistrict: Profile of school district to which the school belomngs

DimZipCode: Details about the ~42,000 Zip Codes assigned by USPS to a property. Zip Codes are grouped into Postal Cities and Counties

Understanding the Data

Geo IDs

Area (geography) based data relies on the use of a Geo ID to uniquely identify a specific area. ATTOM offers several different Geo IDs that can be used to locate/identify a school.

SchoolKey: A unique number assigned by ATTOM to each school. Being an integer it provides performance benefits when searching through large volumes of data. Can be combined with a GeographyTypeKey of ?? to uniquely identify the school from any other geographic area. Once assigned, the SchoolKey does not change.
SchoolGeoID: A unique code that identifies a specific school amongst any other area.
NcesSchoolId: Official id assigned by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
StateSChoolID: Official id assigned by the relevant state education authority.


All solution packs containing the School Profile data element will include the following p-articles to help you understand and use the data: -

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