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US schools are usually grouped into school districts responsible for administering those schools. Some school districts may be responsible for all K12 schools in an area, while others may only administer schools of a specific level (e.g. high schools). This data element provides a summary for each of those school districts.

Geo ID 2199 : 6e42512882c957ae6383fe48e2b71227
Name Irvine Unified School District
Address 5050 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine CA 92604
Level Unified
Schools 43
Teachers 1,379.9
Students 35,660
Total Revenue $508,471,000
Total Expenditure $541,186,000
Rating A+


Property Portals: Schools and school districts can be an important consideration in locating a new family home. This makes the display of all relevant information about a school and school district a must-have for any property portal.

Direct Marketing: Direct marketers can target specific school districts and/or tailor their messaging the suit the profile of the school district.

Property Market Analytics: Because schools can have a significant impact on the desirability of homes, no analysis of property markets would be complete without factoring in the school district to which a property belongs.



Rows: 20K
Columns: 223
Family: Neighborhood

Matching Data

To identify the school district for a property, use the PropertyBoundaryMatch table with a GeographyKey of 53.

The following example code shows how Property Characteristics data (PropertyFeature) can be connected to School District (DimSchoolDistrict) using PropertyBoundaryMatch to provide School District details for individual properties

     ADW.PropertyFeature As PF
     Join ADW.PropertyBoundaryMatch PBM on PBM.[ATTOM ID] = PF.[ATTOM ID]
     Join ADW.DimSchoolDistrict SD On SD.SchoolDistrictKey = PBM.GeographyKey    
Where PF.[ATTOM ID] = 145695081 AND 
     PBM.GeographyTypeKey = 53

This next example shows the reverse, connecting School District data (DimSchoolDistrict) to Property Characteristics (PropertyFeature) using PropertyBoundaryMatch to provide a list of properties within a school district

     ADW.DimSchoolDistrict SD
     Join ADW.PropertyBoundaryMatch PBM On SD.SchoolDistrictKey = PBM.GeographyKey
     Join ADW.PropertyFeature PF On PBM.[ATTOM ID] = PF.[ATTOM ID] 
Where SD.SchoolDistrictKey = 2199 AND 
     PBM.GeographyTypeKey = 53
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