The REOwnership table is used in conjunction with the PropertyFeature table when there is a need to understand more about the current owner of a property


ATTOM Cloud makes use of Azure SQL Database's dynamic configuration feature that uses artificial intelligence to dynamically create or drop indexes as a way of improving query performance. The following is a list of the indices specifically created to speed the performance of this table based upon our understanding of the way this data is most likely used.

Note: If you have a dedicated instance of ATTOM Cloud it is possible to have additional indices added to meet your specific needs.


Key Data

ATTOM ID: ATTOM's internal identifier is used to uniquely identify each property, allowing data from multiple sources to be combined.

Dimension Tables

The following Dimension (Dim) tables are used in conjunction with the PropertyFeature table as a way to translate various codes found in the table into descriptive values.

Table Key Description  
DimOwnerType OwnerTypeKey1 Person, entity, and/or relationship between primary and secondary owners  
DimTrust TrustKey Indicates the type of trust (if any) owning the property  
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