A collection of crime statistics published at the Census Block Group level and consolidated up to Census Tract, Neighborhood, Zip Code, Place, City, County Subdivision, County, CSA, CBSA, and State levels.

Geo ID 63,365 : 0269069ca0c50e87ea417470c14ee63f
Geography Neighborhood: Cypress Village, Irvine, Orange County, CA
Area (sq. miles) 1.14
Murder 194
Forcible Rape 187
Forcible Robbery 196
Larceny 195
Motor Vehicle Theft 194
Crime 188


Property Portals: Crime statistics can be an invaluable addition to any property portal, helping consumers identify properties in safe areas.

Property Insurance: Crime statistics can be an important consideration in assessing risk levels associated with properties.



The following tables can be used to access Census Block information. When delivering solutions to customers, some or all of the information found in these tables may be consolidated into one or more views.


The most recent crime statistics. The data is provided at the following levels of aggregation: -

  • Census Block Group (217k);
  • Census Tract (73k);
  • Combines Statistical Area (CSA)(172);
  • Congressional District (439);
  • Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) (927);
  • County (3k);
  • County Subdivision (36k);
  • Neighborhood (630k);
  • Place (29k);
  • Postal City (28k);
  • State (51);
  • Zip Code (33k); and
  • Zip Code Tabulation Area (33k).

Rows: 1 million
Columns: 15
Family: Neighborhood

Dimension Tables

The following dimension tables are relevant to Crime data, providing information about each level of aggregation for the data

DimBlockGroup: Details for each of the ~240,000 Block Groups assigned to properties by the US Census Bureau. Block Groups are grouped into Tracts and Subdivisions.


DimCounty: Description of each of the ~3,100 counties/parishes in which properties can be located. Counties are grouped into CBSs and States.

DimCountySubdivision: Details about each of the ~36,000 County Sub Divisions recognized by the US Census Bureau. Subdivisions can be grouped into Counties, CBSA, and MSAs.


DimNeighborhood: Details about each of the ~630,000 community neighborhoods

DimPlace: Details about ~30,000 unincorporated places

DimPostalCity: Details about each of the ~28,000 Postal Cities assigned to properties by USPS. Postal Cities are grouped into States.

DimTract: Details about each of the ~85,000 Census Tracts assigned to the US Census Department to a property. Census Tracts are grouped into Counties.

DimZipCode: Details about each of the ~42,000 Zip Codes assigned by USPS to a property. Zip Codes are grouped into Postal Cities and Counties

DimZipCodetabulationArea: Details about the ~34,000 Zip Code Tabulation Areas assigned by the US Census Bureau to a property. Zip Code Tabulation Areas are grouped into Counties.

Understanding the Data

Crime Statistics

The following crime statistics are available, published as indexes in which 100 represents the national average: -

  • Aggravated Assault
  • Burglary
  • Crime
  • Forcible Rape
  • Forcible Robbery
  • Larceny
  • Mortality
  • Motor Vehicle Theft
  • Murder

Product Articles (P-Articles)

All solution packs containing the Crime data element will include the following p-articles to help you understand and use the data: -

  • Crime 101
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