RETransaction consolidates all common property transactions recorded by a county recorder's office. This includes the transfer of ownership (grant deed), release of a claim (quitclaim deed), pre-foreclosure transactions (e.g. notice of default), and mortgages (trust deed).


The following fields are indexed. When searching for data, using one or more of these fields to narrow down the search can significantly reduce the time for a query to run.


Key Data Points

ATTOM ID: ATTOM's internal identifier is used to uniquely identify each property, allowing data from multiple sources to be combined.

Dim Tables

The following Dimension (Dim) tables are used in conjunction with the PropertyFeature table as a way to translate various codes found in the table into descriptive values.

Table Key Description  
DimCounty CountyKey County in which the property is located
DimLoanARMIndex Mortgage1AdjustableRateIndexKey For an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), the base to which the rate is determined
DimLoanRateChange Mortgage1FixedStepConversionRate The rate to which the interest rate will change in a fixed step conversion mortgage
DimOwnerEtal OwnerEtalKey Defines additional owners e.g. "and spouse"
DimTrust Grantee1TrustTypeKey
Indicates the type of trust (if any) associated with a grantee  


Coverage Report

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