Search Types

ATTOM Property Navigator provides 5 different ways to search for properties to make your search experience as effective as possible.

Note: Search filters may vary from county to county depending on area-specific attribution and data availability.

Property Search

This type of search is most effective when you need to find a specific property or list of properties by address, owner, parcel number, or other characteristics such as occupancy, square footage, age etc.

Search Interface

Map Search

Map Search comes especially effective when you need to limit your search by custom polygons, view zoning, tax parcels and reference properties on the map. This search offers a wide array of filters ranging from location, zoning, property classification, size and year built. It also enables users to search for sold and distressed properties. Map Search Interface

Sales Search

Sales Search enables you to search for sold properties within a specific sale or recording date range, price range as well as location, size, year built and other characteristics.
Sales Search Interface

Distressed Property Search

Distressed property search enables users to find pre-foreclosures, auctions, and bank owned properties.

Distressed Property Search Interface

Mortgage Search

This search type provides an effective way to search for properties with specific mortgage conditions - closing dates, lien positions, loan type, amount, lender, location and property-related attributes.
Mortgage Search Interface

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