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User Interface

Search Filters

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  1. Account Menu - here you can access your Property Navigator account information. Customers on Basic & Professional plans will find here information on Payment Methods, Transaction History, Login Credentials management and other. Read more on the Account Management.
  2. Search Area - select the state and optionally county where you want to search for properties.
  3. Search Type - select the type of search you want to conduct. Refer to Search Types article for more details.
  4. Search Filters - here you can enter your desired search criteria.
  5. Recent Searches - a convenient way to access properties you recently viewed.
  6. Help & Support - access to Property Navigator support documentation and contact form to reach customer service.

Search Results

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Search Results Interface

  1. Selection - this enables you to select all records or hide unchecked records from the view is you made your selections manually.
  2. Search Options - enable you to conduct a new search, print selected records, export selected records to a CSV file, print Avery 5160 labels, and display/hide phone numbers within the results.
  3. Search Filters - a convenient way to make adjustments to your search without leaving the page.
  4. View Switch - enables you to switch between the "grid" (table) view and "simple" (cards) view (note: the simple view is used by default on smaller screens to improve the viewing experience of tabular data).
  5. Record Search - quick way to filter records within search results by any visible text.
  6. Search Results - search result records.

Property Report

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  1. Search by Address - a quick way to look up a property by address.
  2. Search Results - list of properties from your initial search. Enables you to conveniently open property reports by clicking on the properties in this list without leaving the page.
  3. Back to Results / New Search - links to go back to your initial search result or conduct a new search.
  4. Comparable Search / CMA - this link will take you to a comparable search interface with the ability to create a CMA for your subject property. See Comparable Search & CMA article for more details.
  5. Property Report - a report for the selected property. See Understanding Your Property Report article for more details.
  6. Help & Support - Property Navigator documentation and customer support contact form.
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