ATTOM has developed an application program interface (API) that provides a convenient way of accessing ATTOM Cloud data that follows the REST architectural style and offers the flexibility of transaction-based pricing for property data.


ATTOM's comprehensive portfolio of property data is made available as a collection of API endpoints. Each of the endpoints has been designed to meet the needs of specific use cases. Each customer is encouraged to browse through the collection of endpoints available in ATTOM API to find the right ones for use in their projects. In some cases, it may be necessary to call two or more endpoints to get all the property data needed.

See ATTOM API Endpoints for more details about the endpoints available


Each ATTOM API endpoint has its own URL using the following pattern:



The following example calls the Basic Profile endpoint to search for a property with a specific address Winona Court, Denver, CO

See ATTOM API Endpoints for more details about the structure of ATTOM API URLs.

Current Version

The current version of ATTOM API is V4. For full details of the history of ATTOM API and the various versions see History of ATTOM API.


ATTOM API uses API Keys to authenticate users, allowing ATTOM to establish the rights to use ATTOM API as well as to keep track of the use made. To access ATTOM API, an API Key must be provided as part of the header when making a call to ATTOM API using the parameter  apikey.

Each ATTOM Cloud account provides an API Key that can be used for 30 days to evaluate the API. Details for the API key are provided in the Direct Integration section of your ATTOM Cloud account.

The example below shows the use of Postman to use ATTOM API. First, we must define API Key as the method used for Authorization

Then the request must pass the assigned API Key in the header parameter apikey.

Contact sales (800) 659-2877 if you need to extend your trial key, or need information about pricing.

Search Parameters

ATTOM API supports the use of search parameters as a way of matching to a specific property, or to search for multiple properties. These search parameters can be provided in the query string at the end of the URL.

For more details refer to ATTOM API Search Parameters.

Data Dictionary

The range of property data offered via ATTOM Cloud and the ATTOM API is comprehensive. To identify which endpoints can be used to access specific property data we suggest making use of the Data Dictionary included as part of our online API Developer Guide.

Monitoring API Usage

For more information see Monitoring API Usage.

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