Solution Pack

What is a Solution Pack?

A solution pack recognizes that while we all use property data as part of the solution for our own unique project, many of these projects can have similarities. Using the versatility of cloud data and our years of experience helping customers match property data to specific needs, we can quickly and easily combine our data to solve these common use cases. To help you get the most out of that data, ATTOM also provides a collection of resources specific to that solution pack.

What's Included?


Each solution pack brings together the data our experience tells us is often needed to solve the needs of a specific project. We define that data in two different ways.

Data Elements: ATTOM's comprehensive library of property data is broken down into seven families, with each family containing a series of data elements. A data element represents a collection of data that is commonly used together. Each solution pack is constructed by combining these data elements in different ways.

SQL Objects: Because ATTOM Cloud is ultimately providing with direct access to a database containing property data, 

Meta- Data

Sample Analytics

Sample Queries


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