Solution Catalog

One of the challenges in having such a comprehensive portfolio of property data, is finding the data you need for your next project. To assist in that process ATTOM Cloud is developing custom solutions known as Solution Packs. Each solution pack is designed to solve a specific need. These are published in a library known as the Solution Catalog.

Opening the Solution Catalog

The Solution Catalog can be accessed from ATTOM Cloud's home page.

Finding a Solution

The list of available solutions is based on the combinations of property data our customers purchase and our understanding of the problems or projects to which the data is applied. Each time a customer asks for something different we look to see if that is a combination of data that other customers might find useful. If it is, we publish that new solution pack into the solution catalog.

You can either browse through the library or enter a search term to narrow down the choices to something more specific

Trying a Solution

Once you find a solution that might meet your needs click on the Try button to explore the contents of the solution pack in more detail.

Please refer to Exploring a Solution Pack for more details.

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