What's New - April 2023

New Features

The ATTOM Cloud team has been hard at work improving the product. This month we are pleased to announce the following new features have been added

Legacy Lookup Endpoint

A new endpoint (/geoid/legacylookup) has been added to allow customers to convert geocodes from the original geoid format to the new geoidv4 format. There is no charge for existing customers to use this endpoint.


Sometimes big ideas need to give way to smaller day-to-day needs. The following are some of the enhancements made to existing features within ATTOM Cloud.


As announced last month, a new version (V4) of the ATTOM API has now been completed. Work on all enhancements for this version has now been completed. Existing ATTOM API customers making use of community, points of interest, and/or school data will need to make changes to their existing endpoints before June 30, 2023. Those calling endpoints using geoids to define geographic areas are also likely to be affected.

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Introduction to ATTOM Cloud

It has been over 18 months since the original introduction to ATTOM Cloud video was produced. Since then a lot of new features have been added to the product. A new video is now available via the "Intro Video" option on the ATTOM Cloud home page.

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During April, ATTOM hosted a new webinar for ATTOM Cloud. For those of you that missed the event, a recording is available via the "Webinar" option on the ATTOM Cloud home page.

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Quality of Life

The feedback you provide helps us identify the ways in which ATTOM Cloud can be tweaked to make your experience with the product a better one.

ATTOM  Cloud Connection

The name of the connection used for our shared instance of ATTOM Cloud has been renamed from "Shard Instance" to "ATTOM Cloud" and from "Dedicated Instance" to "ATTOM Cloud Dedicated". This is designed to reduce confusion over what the connection is used for.

Errors Loading Schema

When using the lightweight SQL Editor, we have improved the clarity of messages displayed whenever a problem is encountered trying to display the database schema.


Sometimes in a rush to deliver new features and enhancements, we allow bugs to creep into the code. We're pretty sure there are a lot more that haven't yet been found, but of those that have been discovered by our customers or the team here at ATTOM, the following are some that we believe we have squashed this month.

APN Search

We have made a few small changes to improve the performance of our AVM and All Events endpoints after reports of periodic slowness.

Radius Search Sort Order

We have identified and corrected several scenarios in which our Property API failed to return results sorted in order by distance when the orderby=distance parameter is used.

Solution Catalog Filters Using Firefox

Some customers were encountering a problem using the filtering feature of our solution catalog from Firefox. We identified the underlying cause and improved the code.

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