Upgrading to Property Detail with Schools V4


The Property Detail with Schools V4 endpoint is an important enhancement that brings the endpoint in line with other important enhancements to the school and school district data that is now available in ATTOM API. While we have tried to minimize the impact of the changes on existing applications, the nature of changes is such that it is being released as a new version (V4), requiring customers to upgrade their application to support the new version before the current version is retired.

  • We have moved to a new source for school and school district data that increases the amount and quality of data we can make available in ATTOM API. The small subset of school data made available in this endpoint has been updated to the new source.
  • New geocodes used to reference the schools and school districts have been updated to refer to those used to locate the new data.


This endpoint provides a summary of each school assigned to the property.

  • Values for the new geocode (geoIdV4) replace the original geocode (OBInstID)
  • The previous school rating system has been replaced
  • New fields have been added to identify the range of grades supported by the school

School District

This endpoint provides a summary of each school district assigned to the property.

  • Values for the new geocode (geoIdV4) replace the original geocode (obdistrictnumber)


The following call requests property data for a property with ATTOM ID of 184713191


Included in the results are details about the schools and school districts assigned to that property

"schoolDistrict": {
                "geoIdV4": "d8ca7ea08abbe9efdd7e3b78f23d120e",
                "districttype": "Regular",
                "districtname": "Denver County School District 1",
                "districtlatitude": "39.74575",
                "districtlongitude": "-104.985751"
            "school": [
                    "geoIdV4": "3d0771574d56c6eae9184bc5aa3ebe19",
              "InstitutionName": "North High School",
                    "GSTestRating": 0,
                    "schoolRating": "C+",
                    "gradelevel1lotext": "9",
                    "gradelevel1hitext": "12",
                    "lowAssignedGrade": "9 ",
                    "highAssignedGrade": "12",
                    "Filetypetext": "Public",
                    "geocodinglatitude": "39.7605",
                    "geocodinglongitude": "-105.0222",
                    "distance": 1.86
                    "geoIdV4": "8a506b574561c5bab4f163492c7a386a",
                    "InstitutionName": "Skinner Middle School",
                    "GSTestRating": 0,
                    "schoolRating": "B ",
                    "gradelevel1lotext": "6",
                    "gradelevel1hitext": "8",
                    "lowAssignedGrade": "6 ",
                    "highAssignedGrade": "8 ",
                    "Filetypetext": "Public",
                    "geocodinglatitude": "39.7724",
                    "geocodinglongitude": "-105.0323",
                    "distance": 0.94
                    "geoIdV4": "9e0b497fb1337405c4dfe64e51568f68",
                    "InstitutionName": "Centennial School",
                    "GSTestRating": 0,
                    "schoolRating": "B-",
                    "gradelevel1lotext": "EE",
                    "gradelevel1hitext": "5",
                    "lowAssignedGrade": "EE",
                    "highAssignedGrade": "5 ",
                    "Filetypetext": "Public",
                    "geocodinglatitude": "39.7813",
                    "geocodinglongitude": "-105.0422",
                    "distance": 0.34
                    "geoIdV4": "3b4cd5c56026e2e1f0e5c553b74cf05d",
                    "InstitutionName": "Bryant Webster Dual Language ECE-8 School",
                    "GSTestRating": 0,
                    "schoolRating": "D-",
                    "gradelevel1lotext": "6",
                    "gradelevel1hitext": "8",
                    "lowAssignedGrade": "6 ",
                    "highAssignedGrade": "8 ",
                    "Filetypetext": "Public",
                    "geocodinglatitude": "39.7674",
                    "geocodinglongitude": "-105.0084",
                    "distance": 2.24
                    "geoIdV4": "93e5fef8956253c5642a335fc4a4395f",
                    "InstitutionName": "Strive Prep - Sunnyside",
                    "GSTestRating": 0,
                    "schoolRating": "C+",
                    "gradelevel1lotext": "6",
                    "gradelevel1hitext": "8",
                    "lowAssignedGrade": "6 ",
                    "highAssignedGrade": "8 ",
                    "Filetypetext": "Public",
                    "geocodinglatitude": "39.782013",
                    "geocodinglongitude": "-105.00681",
                    "distance": 2.19

Migration Process

The following outlines the series of steps necessary to upgrade applications from the previous version of Property Detail with Schools to V4. It is important these changes be made as soon as possible as the older versions are being deprecated. It is likely that the older versions of Property API endpoints will stop working after June 30, 2023.

The following are suggestions for migrating existing projects that use ATTOM's Property Detail with Schools endpoint from V1 to V4.

Note: There is no V2 or V3 for this endpoint. We adopted V4 for all changes being made across the ATTOM API.


Identify calls to Property Detail with Schools

Identify all the places in your code in which a call is made to the Property Detail with Schools V1 endpoint

  • /propertyapi/v1.0.0/property/detailwithschools

Change endpoint path

The endpoint paths should be changed to v4 (or higher) and the endpoint name should be mapped to the new name

Original Endpoint V4 Endpoint
/propertyapi/v1.0.0/property/detailwithschools /propertyapi/v4/property/detailwithschools

Change logic for geocodes

If your applications make use of the geocodes returned for either the school or school district, make changes to use the new geoIdv4 that is now being returned. New versions of school and school district endpoints will only support the use of these new geocodes.


Make changes to business logic

Check the attached spreadsheet to determine if any of the fields returned are listed as having changed in some way. If they are, you will need to adjust the application's business logic to reflect the nature of the change.


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