Logging, Monitoring, and Performance Management Overview


The ATTOM Cloud platform generates performance and usage data that is collected by the Azure platform and reviewed by ATTOM to handle billing and monitor usage of ATTOM data assets. ATTOM maintains full control of this data and does not redistribute or sell this data to any third parties.  

Monitoring and Telemetry

ATTOM Cloud leverages Azure SQL Database’s built-in telemetry collection to continuously monitor database usage through artificial intelligence and detect disruptive events that cause poor performance.  Once a poor-performing event is detected, a diagnostic log and an intelligent assessment of the issue are performed.  Some of the benefits of this built-in monitoring include:

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Tailored performance insights
  • Early detection of database performance degradation
  • Root cause analysis of issues detected
  • Performance improvement recommendations
  • Scale-out capability on hundreds of thousands of databases
Automatic Tuning
ATTOM Cloud includes Azure SQL Database Automatic tuning by default.  Below is a description of this service provided by Microsoft:

Azure SQL Database Automatic tuning provides peak performance and stable workloads through continuous performance tuning based on AI and machine learning.

Automatic tuning is a fully managed intelligent performance service that uses built-in intelligence to continuously monitor queries executed on a database, and it automatically improves their performance. This is achieved through dynamically adapting the database to the changing workloads and applying tuning recommendations. Automatic tuning learns horizontally from all databases on Azure through AI and it dynamically improves its tuning actions. The longer an Azure SQL Database runs with automatic tuning on, the better it performs.

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